october 14, 2017

Screening of videos works from the Philippines Presented by 98B Collaboratory (Manila) and Space Ppong (Gwangju)

From animation, narrative, experimental, documentary to music videos, the first phase of SCOPE: Pingpong introduces Philippine contemporary video works and moving images to Gwangju to get a glimpse of the sites and sounds of the archipelago as well as the diaspora that make up the Philippines. Topics ranging from the personal and political, urban and the rural, historical and the present; these works try to engage us in different perspectives and understanding, thus, creating an exchange like a pingpong match. The next phase of the program will be video works from Korean artists that will be introduced and screened in Manila next year.

Participating Artists: Poklong Anading Kristoffer Ardena Victor Balanon Yason Banal Marika Constantino Lizza May David Dexter Fernandez Cocoy Lumbao Manny Montelibano Jay Pacena Jan Pineda Julius Redillas Charles Aaron Salazar Shireen Seno Luigi Singson Gerome Soriano Christian Tablazon Curated by Mark Salvatus Co-organized by Younmi Choi


Moving images... Visual engagement... SCOPE is a bi-monthly episode organized by 98B that compiles and screens videos and moving images from the Philippines and abroad. The projections are organized to serve as an introduction, to help promote the practice and to create a program devoted to video works. Its range takes into consideration diverse themes, geographies, issues and contexts. SCOPE aims to initiate a repository of videos in collaboration with artists, curators and art spaces within the region.