ESC PROJECTS: Late Bloomers - An Exploration of Age, Art, and Encounters
WAPAK (Walang Pangalan Kolektib)

April 23 - May 21, 2022

The exhibition frames a notion that one’s discovery of art is not defined by age nor a set background. Artmaking is an innate capability awakened by different rationales and honed by perseverance to tell, communicate and deliver a story. The show addresses art in varying artists’ perspectives and in different stages of exploration. The artists are caught between drives of sending a message and displaying impactful art pieces while the works circle around personal encounters in their art timelines.

The works collectively aim to showcasethat different styles, stages, and ranges can become equal.Some of the artists explored the physical properties of paints on canvasses while some delved into how commercial and day-to-day materialscould impact a work’s meaning. This exhibition attempts to show how someone’s timeline has no weight when it comes to translating ideas into works of art. This exhibition is curated by LILAY and Dindo Pilareja.

WAPAK was formed from the UP College of Fine Arts Class of 2020-2021 as they started to talk about their strengths and struggles as middle-aged student-artists, parent-artists, and working student-artists. It was the intention of fulfilling and sustaining the desire to pursue art and creativity amidst current socio-economic and political realities that started the connection among the members. This exhibit is composed of different works created by members Corinne Fernandez Garcia, Lilay Villasanta Sarreal, Len-Len, Dindo Pilareja, Judith Basco, Ding Royales, Nova Hershey Barbaran, Laura Britt-Fermo, Yana Ofrasio, Yllang Montenegro, Bryan John Pio Gonzales, Anthony Lizano Jandusay, and Carlo M. Dimaano.

ESCape Projects deal with spatial negotiations, transformations and interventions. It revolves around particular location, contexts, and renditions--whether as flights of the imagination or discharges of the creative spirit.