A Fundraising Exhibition

JUNE 26, 2022

Sandalan is a reconfiguration of space and contexts—a synthesis of works and uncovered narratives finding itself leaning on the walls of 98B, happening monthly or bi-monthly. Doubling as a fundraising project for the space, Sandalan also serves as a retracing of steps to connections of people and spaces that have been severed by the pandemic.

The first Sandalan is a revisitiation of works celebrating vessels of autonomy in the form of the feminine and the collective—unraveling the processes of feeling in a perceived topology of bodies and the ways of reclaiming agency. What ensues are dynamic expressions of the feat of capturing the sublime in the ephemeral through various forms of nakedness and vulnerability. In the end, the act of unraveling, rather than render the artist and its subject lacking what has concealed its workings, expresses its potent totality. Portion of the sales would help fund 98B's projects and support its team.